With the advent of iOS 17, Apple has unleashed a wave of exciting enhancements to the Messages app. Among the numerous upgrades, perhaps one of the most captivating features is the newfound ability to create and utilize stickers, including a variety of emoji, custom designs, and even Live Stickers. This dynamic addition offers users an unprecedented level of creativity and personalization in their messaging experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of iPhone Messages stickers, showcasing how to create, customize, and make the most of them with iOS 17.

    Create and use iphone messages stickers ios 17

    A Revolution in Messaging

    iOS 17 has ushered in a revolution in messaging by introducing a comprehensive iPhone Messages stickers experience. This innovation goes well beyond the existing six Tapback reactions in iMessage, providing users with a plethora of exciting options for expressing themselves.

    Crafting Your Own Stickers in iOS 17

    One of the standout features of iOS 17 is the ease with which you can create your own stickers. Whether you prefer static or GIF-style stickers, the process is simple and user-friendly. Here’s how to get started:

    1. Open the Messages App: Ensure that your iPhone is running iOS 17, then open the Messages app.
    2. Access Stickers: To begin creating stickers, tap the ‘+‘ icon located to the left of the text field.
    3. Select Stickers: From the options presented, choose “Stickers.”
    4. Creating New Stickers: If you want to craft a new sticker from scratch, tap the sticker icon (next to the recent clock icon) and select the “New Sticker” button.
    5. Using Existing Stickers: Alternatively, you can choose to use existing stickers by tapping the emoji or Memoji icon.
    6. Place Your Sticker: Once you’ve selected or created a sticker, simply drag it into your message and release it where you want it to appear.
    7. Quick Sending: If you prefer, you can tap a sticker from the sticker drawer, sending it in the message just like an emoji or text.
    8. Stacking Stickers: iOS 17 allows you to stack multiple stickers in your messages, providing even more creative options.

    Exploring Memoji Stickers

    Memoji stickers open up a world of fun and imaginative possibilities. When creating a new sticker, don’t forget to check out the “Live” tab at the top. This feature allows you to swiftly create “Live Stickers,” which are essentially GIF stickers. Even with Live Stickers, you can add captivating effects to enhance your messages.

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    IOS 17 features with tips and tricks

    Crafting Stickers in the Photos App

    Aside from creating stickers in the Messages app, you can also do so anytime within the Photos app. Simply long-press on a subject in a photo, release your touch, and look for the “Add Sticker” option. This flexibility ensures that you can easily incorporate stickers into your messages using images from your photo library.

    Stickers in SMS Texts

    While it is possible to include stickers in SMS texts, it’s worth noting that, as of now, Apple has not provided specific information about whether these stickers will be visible to users on the receiving end. However, they can certainly be enjoyed on the sender’s side running iOS 17.

    The Verdict

    In summary, the introduction of iPhone Messages stickers in iOS 17 marks a significant leap forward in communication and self-expression. These stickers offer a wealth of opportunities to infuse your messages with personality and creativity. It’s important to remember that, along with other iMessage apps, stickers are now accessible via the new ‘+’ icon, requiring an additional tap to access compared to the previous iOS 16 and earlier versions.

    The question now is, what do you think about the new iPhone Messages stickers? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

    Incorporate this detailed guide into your iOS 17 messaging repertoire and discover the endless possibilities for personalizing your conversations. The world of stickers awaits you, offering an exciting new way to communicate with friends and family. With iOS 17, messaging has never been more engaging and expressive.

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