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    Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), a game formerly known as PUBG Mobile India, has taken the Indian gaming community by storm. Built specifically for players in India, BGMI delivers a unique gaming experience while solving data privacy concerns. In this article, we will explore the details of BGMI’s gameplay, growth, controversy and roller coaster ride in India.

    Battleground Mobile India (BGMI)

    The Genesis of BGMI

    BGMI is an online multiplayer Game, developed and published by Krafton. It was released on 2nd July 2021 for Android devices, followed by an iOS release on 18th August 2021. The rapid popularity of this game is evident – the milestone of crossing 130 million downloads on the Google Play Store

    The Gameplay Experience

    At its core, BGMI offers a third-person and first-person perspective survival shooter game.

    In this game, up to 100 players compete in a battle royale, where the ultimate goal is to finish last standing. Players have the option to join the match individually or in small groups of up to four.

    The battlefield is set across seven distinct maps, each offering unique challenges and opportunities:

    • Erangel (Themed / Normal)
    • Miramar
    • Vikendi
    • Livik (Themed / Normal)
    • Karakin
    • Sanhok
    • Nusa (New)

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    Strategic decision-making is crucial from the moment players parachute onto their chosen map. The game’s flight path varies in each round, forcing players to decide when to eject and land. Initially, players have no equipment, except for customizable clothing options that don’t affect gameplay. The map is populated with weapons, vehicles, armor, and other items, procedurally distributed with better equipment often found in high-risk zones. Players can also loot defeated opponents for gear. The choice between first-person and third-person perspectives brings tactical advantages and disadvantages, adding depth to the gameplay. To keep the action intense, the playable area shrinks periodically, forcing players closer together. Those caught outside the safe zone suffer damage, eventually leading to elimination if they don’t reach safety in time. The shrinking zone appears as a shimmering blue wall, creating more encounters. Random regions are bombed during the match, posing a threat to players within those areas. These events are foreshadowed, allowing players to relocate. Occasionally, a plane drops loot packages with rare items, marked by visible red or yellow smoke, attracting players and sparking confrontations. A full round typically lasts about 30 minutes, offering quick and engaging gameplay.

    The Controversial Journey

    BGMI’s path in India has been full of controversies. It all started in September 2020 when the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile along with 117 Chinese apps citing security concerns. However, PUBG Mobile was not ready to leave the Indian market.

    In November 2020, PUBG Studios and Krafton registered PUBG India Private Limited, indicating their intention to relaunch the game in India. In May 2021, PUBG Mobile was rebranded as Battlegrounds Mobile India to better cater to the Indian gaming community.

    Despite the rebranding, BGMI faced data privacy concerns. In June 2021, it was reported that user data was being sent to Tencent-owned servers in China. Krafton moved quickly to address the issue, but doubts remained.

    The Ban and Unban Saga

    On July 28, 2022, the roller coaster ride continued as BGMI was banned in India following a government order. However, the ban did not deter Indian gamers, as they looked for ways to continue playing without a VPN.

    The game’s fortunes changed in May 2023 when Crafton announced the relaunch of BGMI after 10 months of litigation. The game became downloadable on May 27 for Android users and May 29 for iOS users, marking a triumphant return for Indian gamers.

    Battleground Mobile India (BGMI)

    Faqs Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

    What sets BGMI apart from other battle royale games?

    BGMI caters specifically to Indian gamers, offering a unique gameplay experience.

    How does BGMI address data privacy concerns?

    Krafton has taken steps to ensure user data is secure and not shared with foreign servers.

    Can I play BGMI with friends?

    Yes, you can form small groups of up to four players to compete together.

    What are the key features of BGMI’s gameplay?

    BGMI offers a choice between first-person and third-person perspectives, along with intense battles on diverse maps.

    Is BGMI free to play?

    Yes, BGMI is free to download and play, with in-game purchases available for cosmetic items.


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